Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

Kenia / Malindi Fangreport 21. Februar 2010

(MJ) Fliegenfischen in Malindi wird immer populärer. Wir hatten im November 2009 einen ersten reinen Flyonly Trip auf Segelfisch organisiert den wir dieses Jahr im November wiederholen werden.

Mittlerweile fischen immer mehr Kunden auch auf Marlin. Jetzt hat auf unserem Partnerboot Eclare ein Kunde einen tollen Tag und hat neben einem Broadbill auch mehrere Marline gefangen, also einen Grand Slam on Fly gefangen.

Hier die Nachricht aus Malindi.


Dear All,

History was made here this past week as regular fly fisher Con Jooste registered Kenys’s first “Grand Slam” on fly. I have to say I am not to sure if and where it has been done elsewhere in the world but I am told it has but not with a broadbill as one of the three billfish. The full story of Con’s feats is told below. It has been another good and busy week for us here at Kingfisher. The fishing is still very erratic with the odd brilliant day and quite a few blanks. The weather continues to be hot and humid and the wind is still blowing from the north. The current is also going south which is not good at all and is more than likely the reason why the fishing isn’t as good as it has been. This is because the dirty water from up north is all over the fishing grounds and the lack of a strong northerly current means that the upwellings along the various mountains and ledges are not so vigorous. We have had quite a few cloudy days this week and the odd slight drizzle but nothing to jump up and down about. There have been a few bigger fish seen which is a good sign as we could do with some big “mama’s “on the end of our lines. The run of small blues seems to have dwindled off a bit with the majority of marlin caught this week being striped and a handful of black’s. It is interesting to note that since the beginning of January our boats have had 2 super grand slams and 13 grand slams between them. Let’s hope we can get a few more in before the end of the season.

On the 15th February Eclare departed at noon for an overnight trip to the South Mlima with Con Jooste on board. The main aim of the trip was to try and catch a broadbill on fly which hasn’t been done too many times before. The first broadbill on fly in the world was caught by Jeremy Block off the Kenya coast on Eclare in April 1998 when Richard Moller owned and skippered her. That was many moons ago and only four or five more have been caught since then. It takes a lot of patience and skill to even cast at one let alone catch one so no wonder they are any salt water fly fishermans dream. They didn’t have too much luck during the day and only caught one sailfish conventionally on the way out. At 6.30 pm the teasers were set out and the boat slowed down into broadbill speed. Obviously the main aim with any billfish fly fishing is to get the fish close enough to the boat so one can cast at it. During the day this is fine as you can see what you are doing but at night it is a different story and the man on the teaser has to feel what is going on. From what I can gather most broadbill raised fall back once they strike and don’t get close enough. That wasn’t the case tonight however, as at 7.30 pm they had a strike and the fish came right to the back of the boat and as Con cast out into the dead of night it pounced on to the fly. Even though it was only approximately 25 kgs it gave him a good fight and after half an hour or so they had tagged it and let it go. As one can imagine it didn’t really matter what happened during the rest of the night as Con’s dream had come true. They did have three or four other strikes but none of them hooked up. At first light the marlin teasers were put back in and they started to troll faster looking for a sailfish or marlin. They had literally just got going again when a stripey came in to the spread and amazingly it was hooked and tagged and released as well. After the excitement had subsided Con and the crew realized that they had a chance to make history and suddenly the anxiety levels shot up. Quite a few sail had been seen of Malindi so to Malindi they headed. No sooner had they decided to look for a sailfish when a nice black marlin pitched up behind a teaser.Con got the fly to it and it took but came of after a few jumps. Once they got to Malindi they saw a lot of fish jumping behind other boats but they couldn’t raise any.

They were giving up hope and were just about to call it a day when a sailfish appeared in the spread. The fly was cast and it nailed it immediately and after a short while it was tagged and released and that was that, a Grand slam on fly all tagged and released and caught by one angler. An amazing effort and one which I am sure Con will never forget. None of our other boats had marlin on the 16th but it was a good day for sailfish with Snowgoose getting five, Tina four, Snark three, Malachite two and Neptune one.

On the 17th marlin were few and far between again but Tina managed to get a stripey of approximately 60 kgs for Mike Clough. After trying for a few years this was his first marlin so he was a happy man at the end of the day. Neptune also got a stripey for Steve Herrick as well as two sailfish. Snowgoose fishing with Ted and Barnaby Grayson managed to get five sail once again.

On the 18th Snark fishing with old stalwarts Bernd Baye and Christian Kutz caught four sailfish and a giant trevally which was tagged and released. Eclare on Con Jooste’s last day tagged a sailfish on fly and missed a few others. Con also got a nice sized wahoo on fly without a wire leader which was a very good effort.

Friday the 19th was the Morson cup light tackle tournament fished out of the Malindi Sea Fishing Club. Eclare was our only boat in the tournament fishing with Egon Jenke and Reiner Weider. They did well to get into third place with five sailfish, Tarka was second with five as well, but a couple were caught on lighter line than Eclares, and Unreel was first with six sail. A total of twenty one sailfish were caught on the six boats and all boats caught at least one which makes it one of the most fruitful Morson Cups in many years. I remember some years when no billfish at all were caught and quite a few when only one or two sail have been landed.

Saturday the 20th saw the start of the Malindi International Billfish Tournament. Unfortunately only seven boats entered the event which is a shame for such a well known tournament. The tournament was sponsored by Wells Fargo courier, Hotel Plan and Diamond Trust bank. The club is very grateful to all three as sponsors are very hard to come by these days. The auction was held in the club on Friday night and a good turnout meant that the top boats went for a reasonable amount of money. Tarka fished by Paul Worthington,Batian Craig and Callum Looman had an incredible start catching three striped marlin together at 9 am. They could have called it a day and gone back to the bar for a drink after that! Offcourse they didn’t and a fourth stripey was added a few hours later. Neptune with John Cook and Steve Herrick lay in second place with one stripey and a sailfish after the first day and Unreel was third. Snowgoose fishing with Billy Lynch were out on an overnight trip fly fishing for marlin in the day and broadbill at night. Unfortunately they weren’t as lucky as Eclare although they had a good early start tagging a sailfish on the way out. They did have three or four strikes in the night but none came in close enough.

On the 21st, the last day of the billfish it was try and catch Tarka day for the other contenders in the tournament. Tarka gave them a good chance as they didn’t add to their overnight lead at all but their first day lead was just too big a gap. Neptune had three stripeys up together and hooked two but unfortunately one fell off, they missed one and ended up with one which was enough for second place. Unreel tagged a black and a sail to retain third place. It was a very good tournament and I think all those that took part really enjoyed themselves. The party that took place in the club later in the evening until the late hours of the night certainly suggested so anyway! Tina although not in the tournament had a good day with one black marlin of approximately 80 kgs and three sailfish.

This coming weekend is the Kilifi Classic held out of Swynfords boatyard. It is always a very popular tournament and let’s hope there will be lots of entrants.

All in all another good week for us here and it seems this coming week will be busy as well. The season is running along quickly and there is only a month or so left before it starts to get quiet.

We have attached a few pictures of the “Fly Grandslam” to this update.

Have a good week and take care.


Donnerstag, 18. Februar 2010

Info zum LH-Piloten Streik

In der kommenden Woche wird es von Montag, den 22.02.10, bis Donnerstag, den 25.02.10, sehr wahrscheinlich zu einem Streik kommen. Wir raten allen Fluggästen, die Lufthansa Zu-/Abbringer über Condor gebucht haben, mit der Bahn anzureisen. Der Flugschein nach/ab Frankfurt kann als Zug-Fahrschein genutzt werden. Bitte empfehlen Sie unseren gemeinsamen Kunden sich direkt bei Lufthansa zu informieren, ob ihr Flug betroffen ist: Tel.: 0800 / 850 60 70 (kostenfreie Hotline).

Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2010

2te Gruppenreise Boca Grande 04.-12 Juni 2010 - nur noch zwei Plätze frei!

(MJ) Tarpon Capitol of the World
Seit vielen Jahren hat sich die Region um Boca Grande in Florida, einen Namen als Tarpon Capitol of the World gemacht. Jedes Jahr wird dort am Boca Grande Pass, auf die vorbeiziehenden Silver King gefischt. Die beste Zeit hierfür ist der Juni und genau in diesem Zeitraum haben wir unsere Gruppenreise wieder dorthin organisiert. Es stehen nur noch zwei Plätze zur Verfügung! Mehr Informationen finden Sie

Gruppenreise Fliegenfischen in Florida 22. bis 29. Mai 2010 - nur noch drei Plätze frei!

(MJ) Vom 22.-29.Mai 2010 organisieren wir eine Gruppenreise nach Florida an die Treasure Coastvor West Palm Beach. Dort treffen in dieser Zeit große Schulen von Stachelmakrelen (Jack Crevalle) ein die man vom Boot aus anwirft. Als Reiseleiter haben wir den Floridakenner und exzellenten Fliegenfishcer Eric Arbogast aus Luxemburg gewinnen können. Eric reist seit viele Jahren an die Treasure Coast und kennt das Revier und die Guides persönlich. Weitere Fischarten die sich vor der Küste einfinden sind Tun, Permit, Tarpon, Amberjack uvm. Wir haben für diese Reise nur noch drei Plätze verfügbar. Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier . Lesen hierzu auch die Berichte auf dem Fliegenfischer Forum .


Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010


(MJ) Wie uns soeben die Organisatoren mitteilten findet die diesjährige EPC in Västervik vom 25. September bis 02. Oktober 2010 statt. Die EPC ist das größte Hecht Tournament in Europa mit Werkteams aus Frankreich, Schweden, Rusland, Litauen, Estland, Finnland, Rumänien und noch vielen Ländern mehr. Es ist zudem offen für Privatteams. Das Preisgeld für die Sieger der EPC 2010 beträgt 8.000,- €. Als striktes C&R Tournament darf nur mit Kunstködern gefischt werden. Wenn Sie sich für eine Teilnahme interessieren senden Sie uns einfach eine Nachricht. Wir haben noch einige Plätze frei.

Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2010

Immer der Zeit voraus: Condor Winterfliegen 2010/2011 jetzt buchbar

(MJ) "....und hier nun die früheste Wettervorhersage der Welt für Sonntag: tagsüber ausschließlich sonnig und heiter bei wohligen 26 Grad!":
Wenn sich der nächste Winter besonders zeitig ankündigt und dann auch noch mit Sonne und hochsommerlichen Temperaturen, hat das nichts mit Klimawandel zu tun, sondern mit den Condor Winterfliegen 2010/2011. Diese sind nämlich ab sofort buchbar! Auf folgende und noch viele weitere heiße Flylights ab 59 Euro one-way Komplettpreis können Sie sich schon heute freuen:

Unsere Langfliegen-Flylights im Winter 2010/2011:
- Einfach „fabulous“: Schon ab 249 Euro one-way Komplettpreis erreichen Ihre Kunden im kommenden Winter Las Vegas - und zwar jeden Donnerstag und Samstag. Wer statt trüber Nebeltage lieber die schönsten Sonnenuntergänge der Welt erleben möchte, fliegt mit Phuket genau richtig. Dorthin startet Condor im Winter 2010/2011 ebenfalls zweimal pro Woche (dienstags und samstags). Mit Traumstränden und Lebensfreude pur locken in der Frostsaison viele herrliche Condor Ziele in der Karibik und in Brasilien wie z. B. Santo Domingo, Havanna oder Salvador da Bahia.

Die Fernfliegen der Condor starten und landen auch im Winter 2010/2011 in Frankfurt. Für die passenden Anschlüsse sorgen günstige Lufthansa Zubringerflüge ab 70 Euro und unser Rail & Fly Service mit der Bahn für nur 29 Euro (jeweils pro Person und Strecke).

Wenn Sie besonders bequem und dennoch fliegengünstig auf die Langstrecke schicken möchten, buchen Sie ihnen am besten gleich einen Platz in der Premium Economy Class, wo mehr Beinfreiheit und viele kostenfreie Serviceextras für zusätzlichen Fliegenspaß sorgen. Die angenehmste Art zu fliegen erleben Sie im Sommer wie im Winter in der Condor Comfort Class, die von der Zeitschrift "Clever Reisen" nicht ohne Grund mit dem Prädikat "Beste Ferienflieger-Komfortklasse" ausgezeichnet wurde.

Unsere Kurzfliegen-Flylights im Winter 2010/2011:
Ein Wintermärchen: Bereits jetzt und damit besonders früh können Sie für den nächsten Winter die besten Plätze nach Mallorca sichern - und das schon ab 59 Euro one-way Komplettpreis. Das Trendziel Marokko steht in der kommenden Wintersaison ab Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin-Schönefeld und Düsseldorf auf dem Kurzfliegenprogramm. Darüber hinaus können Sie sich auf zahlreiche Flüge zu den Kanarischen Inseln sowie nach Madeira, Ägypten, Zypern und zu vielen weiteren Kurz- und Mittelstreckenzielen in Europa freuen.

Für alle, die nicht bis Winter 2010/2011 warten möchten:
Bis zum Winter 2010/2011 bleibt viel Zeit für Vorfreude. Für alle, die nicht ganz so lange auf die Sonne verzichten möchten, hier noch zwei ganz besondere Urlaubstipps: Condor wird ab 14. Mai 2010 als einzige Fluglinie aus Europa jeden Dienstag und Freitag den Flughafen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale nonstop ab Frankfurt anfliegen. Das "Venedig der USA" können Sie bereits ab 249 Euro one-way Komplettpreis buchen! Und wenn Sie sich einmal im Leben wie James Bond in "Casino Royale" fühlen wollen, dann fliegen Sie am besten auf die Bahamas. Sowohl in der aktuellen Wintersaison als auch im Sommer 2010 fliegt Condor jeden Freitag schon ab 299 Euro alles inklusive auf direktem Weg von Frankfurt nach Nassau. Auch für diese Langfliegen bietet Condor natürlich die passenden Anschlüsse mit Lufthansa und der Bahn (Rail & Fly) sowie Plätze in der Premium Economy Class und der Comfort Class.

Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Spaß mit dem Fliegenjahr 2010/2011.

Alle Wetter: Jetzt schneit es Eintagsfliegen

(MJ) Schnee und Regen, Sturm und Frost, Dunkelheit und Winterzeit - hängt Ihnen der Winter auch so langsam zum Hals heraus? Und dann auch noch das: Es fängt wieder an zu schneien! Aber ganz anders, als Sie denken! Schon bald kommen nämlich 100.000 weltweite Condor Eintagsfliegen in Ihr Büro geschneit und bringen ab 49 Euro jede Menge Sonne und blauen Himmel.

Raus aus dem Schmuddelwetter: Kurzfliegen ab 49 Euro one-way inkl. sämtlicher Zuschläge, z. B. nach Ibiza, Larnaca, Málaga oder Mallorca. Rein in die Sonne: Langfliegen ab 199 Euro one-way inkl. sämtlicher Zuschläge, z. B. nach Bahrain oder Salvador da Bahia. Jetzt kann sich der Winter warm anziehen! An folgenden Tagen schneit bei Ihnen gleich 100.000 Mal die Sonne ins Büro: Buchungszeitraum: Von Donnerstag (4. Februar) um 10:00 Uhr bis Samstag (6. Februar) um 23:59 Uhr. Unsere Eintagsfliegen gelten für Flüge ab sofort bis Juni 2010 - solange der Vorrat reicht! Schlagen Sie also schnell zu und lassen Sie den Winter zum Schnee von gestern werden. Hier geht es zu unseren Eintagsfliegen.

Thomas Cook Reisen Kreuzfahrtangebote zu Aktionspreisen

(MJ) Jeden Monat erhalten Sie unseren Folder „Thomas Cook Reisen – Kreuzfahrt aktuell“ mit unseren wechselnden exklusiven und attraktiven TOP-Angeboten zu einmaligen Aktionspreisen, die Sie nur bei uns bekommen!

Die "Thomas Cook Reisen - Kreuzfahrt aktuell" vom Januar 2010 finden Sie hier.
NEU: Zusatztermin für die Route "Fabelwelt der Fjorde" auf der MSV Poesia ab/bis Kiel am 21.08.10.

Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010

Kenia / Malindi Fangreport 31. Januar 2010

(MJ) Lesen Sie hier den aktuellen Fangreport aus Malindi/Watamu


Dear All,

Firstly I am very sorry for the delay in sending out this update. We have had a very busy week and I was fishing in the Kilifi Delamere Tournament on my normal writing day which is Sunday. I will try and keep up to date in the weeks ahead.

The fishing at the beginning of the week continued in the same trend as last week but it slowed down a little towards the end of the week. There is a cold front of water that has moved in across our fishing grounds spreading up to 100 miles out to sea. This has been caused by the strong winds we experienced last week and the lack of current to counter the winds. The winds have pushed the warmer water out but hopefully now that the wind has dropped it won’t be long before it pushes back in again. The billfish, especially Marlin, can’t tolerate cold water and follow the warmer water around. The weather is still warm and clear with no sign of rain.

In last weeks update I had mentioned that Tina had broken the record for the most Marlin caught in a day off Malindi\Watamu. Fishing with the Van Ieperen’s she had caught seven Striped Marlin and I had said that I didn’t think the record would stand for long. Well the next day on the 24th January, Snark fishing with Peter Boke and friends returned home with no less than eight Striped Marlin! They only left Malind at 7.30am and were back in by 3 pm due to fatigue on the clients side. Neptune fishing up from Ngomeini had a good sized Black Marlin and a Striped Marlin and Tina had a Black Barlin and a sailfish.

On the 25th all boats were out apart from Tina. Neptune fishing with Guy Raeymacker and Jurgen Ludsteck had a good start to their eight days fishing, catching two Striped Marlin, a wahoo and a small grouper. Eclare was fishing with Peter “Marlin” Hoffman and Roland and they caught a Black and a Striped Marlin. Peter is an extremely lucky fisherman, although I think he may argue this and replace skillful with luck! In seven days fishing on various boats in Malindi and Watamu Peter and Roland caught 18 Marlin and 9 sailfish on this trip. Peter has been fishing here for way over twenty years now and as far as I can remember he has always been lucky. Snark was fishing with friends of Peters from Switzerland, and they had a Striped Marlin and some small fish. Snowgoose with a Russian couple fishing also had a good day with a 100 kg Black Marlin and a Striped Marlin. Unfortunately the lady was sick and they were back in by 2.30 pm, not a bad mornings fishing.

The 26th was an extremely windy day but it didn’t seem to put the fish off. Eclare was our top boat with 3 Striped Marlin, for no other than Peter Hoffman! Neptune had a Stripey and a sail and Snark after live baiting for shark all day returned with a few small fish.

We had three boats out on the 27th and all caught Marlin. Tina had a brilliant day with 1 Blue Marlin, 2 Striped Marlin and five sailfish for Rudy Van Der Stichel. Neptune also had three Marlin for Tony Voss and Les McBride, whilst Snowgoose caught a Striped Marlin and 2 sailfish.

We also had three boats out on the 28th and once again they all caught Marlin. Amazingly enough the least caught was on Tina and they had 1 Blue Marlin of 65 kgs, 2 Striped Marlin and 3 sailfish all tagged and released. Snowgoose had 4 Striped Marlin tagged and released and Neptune had 1 Black Marlin, 4 Striped Marlin and 4 sailfish. It really does not get better than that, both Tina and Neptune recording grand slams. Clueless equalled Snarks record of eight Marlin in a day and there were quite a number of boats with 4 or more Marlin.

On the 29th Neptune spent the morning jigging before heading out to the rips for Marlin. They caught 2 giant trevally, 1 amberjack, 3 grouper, 2 rainbow runner and 1 snapper jigging and then added a couple of Striped Marlin on the rips. Snowgoose had a very good day with 1 Black Marlin, 2 Striped Marlin and 7 sailfish for a grand slam for Bart Van Hoey. Tina and Snark had a Striped Marlin each as well as 3 and 2 sailfish respectively. Malachite was out with David Porter for six hours and they had a lot of action off Malindi catching 4 sailfish and losing a Black Marlin after half an hour on 30 lb line.

The 30th was the first day of the two day Delamere tournament held out of Kilifi. It is one of the most popular tournaments along our coast and always has a great turn out. Eclare fished by John Cook, Musa and myself was the only Kingfisher boat taking part. After the first day Alleycat fished by Nick Michaelides, Pete Darnborough and Peter Hoffman were in the lead with 4 Marlin but were closely followed by Seyyida, Black Widow, and Albatross. We caught 2 Striped Marlin and 4 sailfish and were only lying in sixth place which just shows how many fish the top boats caught. The anglers on Neptune, Les Mcbride and Tony Voss were contemplating entering the tournament but decided against it at the last minute and after returning to Watamu on Saturday evening I am sure they were quietly kicking themselves. They had an amazing day’s catching a super grand slam, 1 Black Marlin, 1 Blue, 2 Striped Marlin and 1 sailfish. They may have gone out for the night to try for broadbill and the elusive fantasy slam but the full moon was the deciding factor there. Tina continued her amazing run this season with 2 Black Marlin and a Striped Marlin tagged and released for angler Chris Barnes. Snark decided to try off Malindi for the day and found a lot of fish. They ended up with 6 sailfish, 1 kingfish, 1 dorado, 1 barracuda, 1 yellowfin tuna and a few kawa-kawa.

On the 31st the tournament finished at 3 pm and seeing as the main fishing grounds were over twenty miles away boats didn’t have too long to fish out there. Alleycat held on to their lead with another Striped Marlin added to their tally and Albatross took second place and Black Widow third. We only managed a sailfish today and didn’t move either way on the leader board. Neptune had another very good day with 3 Striped Marlin and a few bottom fish caught jigging.

Once again what a week. Between Malindi and Watamu grand slams were caught on a regular basis and as well as Neptune, B’s Nest also got a super grand slam mid way through the week. Hopefully at the end of the season we will have all the statistics and we will see how many slams were caught and how many Marlin are recorded all together. At the moment it is hard to take a breath let alone work out stat’s!!

That’s about it for this week so until next week have a good one.

Take care


Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

Saisonstart Västervik Fishing Camp

(MJ) Das Västervik Fishing Camp ( teilte uns als Buchungsagentur und Repräsentant Deutschland, Österreich und (deutschspr.) Schweiz soeben mit dass die Saisoneröffnung für den 10.April 2010 vorgesehen ist. Momentan haben wir für erste Buchungen die Kategorie Vidö zur Verfügung. Freuen Sie sich auf viele Neuerungen und tolles Fischen auf den Baltic Pike.